How to: The hybrid chip shot

  1.  We play a lot winter golf at River Oaks, especially when we get those 60 degree days in January and February. Unfortunately the dormant Bermuda grass in the winter can make chipping difficult. I’d like to suggest an alternative. When the ball is on the fairway cut of grass around the green, putt the ball with a hybrid or fairway wood. It gets the ball airborne just a little to run over the taller fairway grass and fringe and won’t get stuck as easily as the same shot hit with a putter. The sole of the club slides along the turf so there isn’t the danger of hitting it fat or thin as there would be chipping the ball. Grip down to the bottom of the grip, holding it as you would a putter. Stand close to the ball, getting the club more vertical. From there, just swing the club as you would your putter. To control your speed, imagine the fairway grass and fringe between you and the green is just putting green and you are making a swing as you would with your putter from that distance. This will take away the urge to hit the shot extra hard and run it by the hole. Practice the shot a few times. You will find out it’s easy to do and pretty low stress.  JY

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