Tiger Woods penalty at the Masters today: My thoughts

It seems that all of the pontificating and righteous indignation has died down conerning Tiger Woods and his two shot penalty at The Masters today, at least for the moment.  in the interest of not rehashing the entire story, I will simply offer my thoughts.

Given the timing of events, The Masters Rules Committee did exactly as they should have done.  I heard Charlie Rymer of Golf Channel say on the radio earlier that this is the Supreme Court of Rules at The Masters. I couldn’t agree more. Fred Ridley, Chairman of that committee summarized everything at the opening of the telecast and that should be the end of it. It won’t be, but it should.

As to whether or not Tiger should have withdrawn or disqualified himself, the chronology of events and the way the committee approached him basically didn’t require him to consider it. That should be the end of it. It won’t be, but it should.

Sometimes the rules hurt you, sometimes they save you. The Masters officials say it would not matter who it was, every competitor would be given this same consideration. I for one believe that completely. Call me naive if you will, but I choose to think that these people are acting above board, Tiger Woods included.

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