The clinic that nobody sees (and tilting at windmills)

I’ve been working on a few things with my own golf game that are starting to come together.  The weather this time of the year is still a bit unpredictable and so I have some opportunities to play, many times I play alone.

Last week was such a time.  I had a 7 birdie, no bogey round of 64.  I’ve scored lower than that before but it had been a while since I got to a point in a round where I had a chance to beat my personal best, which is 62.  I hit the ball well most of the day, and on the few occasions I missed I was able to use my short game to save me.  It felt great to feel in control again, and it made me think to write this.

Almost everyone who plays golf has had a day where they felt things fall into place, whether it lasted an entire round or just a few holes.  Your game at a time like this allows you to score as well as you ever have and in some cases even better.  You can see that impossible number in front of you, not just your best score, but a score you only dream about.

More often than not, we don’t quite get to that score, but we glimpse what is possible and it brings us back for more.  Like Don Quixote tilting at windmills we chase that dream round, that impossible score.  It’s part of the romance and frustration of golf.

Next time you find yourself putting on a clinic on the golf course, by yourself of with a group, appreciate it and embrace it.  Let it teach you what you are capable of.   Understand that it’s not impossible.  I have a number I’m chasing, probably forever.  Go after your windmill.

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