What do you want out of golf and how can I help you get it?

If you are like most golfers,  what you want out of golf is pretty straightforward.  You want to hit the ball better, shoot lower scores and have fun with friends/family.  Hitting the ball better hopefully leads to lower scores.  Lower scores hopefully lead to having more fun. 

My job as a teaching professional is to help you hit the ball better, improve your technique and strategy and as a result shoot lower scores.  That’s what lessons, clinics and camps are good for.  They help get you closer to what you want out of golf. But my job doesn’t end there.

I believe in golf.  I believe golf can help people enjoy their life and relationships more.  I help your golf game, true.  That is always my goal.  But if I can introduce you to the passion and fulfillment that golf has given me, that opens the door for even greater enjoyment of the game.

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