Golf and Fitness: A Brave New World

Golf Fitness is not an oxymoron anymore.  If you look at the professionals on TV both male and female the vast majority are fit and strong.  Tiger Woods didn’t invent the concept of golfers working out but he certainly popularized it for his generation and the generations to follow.  In 2013 PGA Tour corporate sponsor Humana will highlight fitness and the benefits of golf and walking the course as part of a healthy lifestyle.

It’s been a few years since I finally got off of the sidelines and put myself in the game by getting into the gym myself.  While I am not where I want to be just yet, I am much closer than I was.  As a Certified Golf Fitness Instructor (Titleist Performance Institute), I’m able to pass along how increased mobility and stability in the right places can help my students make better golf swings.  I run people through a series of screening exercises and use the results to generate a workout plan that helps them address those areas that may be limiting their golf game.  Between workouts and encouraging people to walk the course when they have the chance, I feel like I’m making a contribution to the golf fitness movement.

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