What does a teaching pro do in the winter when the weather is bad?

 So my father in law asked me over Christmas what I do when the weather is  bad and I’m not teaching.  The answer is I try to find ways to become a better teacher.  Learning about golf is a never ending challenge.  There is no possible way to know it all.  I read instructional works in books, magazines and online by other teachers, some very famous and some most people have never heard of.  I try to learn about the mental game of golf via sports psychology and the insights great players of the past and present have seen fit to publish.  I have spent time over each of the last few winters learning about fitness and what role it plays in the golf swing.  I learn different approaches to the short game.  If I pick up just one thing that allows me to help a student lower their scores and/or enjoy the game more, then  the homework has served its purpose.  Never stop learning.